Jenna's Massage Therapy

About Me

I graduated from Massage School in 2012 and started my practice in 2014. At first I worked for a chiropractic office and the Spa at Midtown, then transitioned into the start of something new on my own.

During my teenage years I had some temporary paralysis, possibly due to an injury in sports. but still unknown to this day. Throughout my long hospital stay, one of my sisters came to visit me everyday and would massage my legs and feet. Eventually after 3 weeks of leg massages, several tests, exams, rest, and re-learning how to use my legs again...slowly the feeling in my legs returned.

I chose Massage Therapy as a career because I knew that I could help people with their pain by use of human touch and manipulation of the muscle bellies and tendons, without the use of pharmaceutical drugs or surgeries. I believe that being consistent with self care is important in sustaining a healthy more balanced life with less pain.

Continuing Education:

Other areas of interest in continuing education include:

Physical Therapy



Lomi Lomi


and Myofacial Release.