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New Treatment-Cranium Coconut Massage

Posted on August 7, 2014 at 1:00 PM Comments comments (2870)

I am adding a new exciting service to my practice. It entails a 20 min head, neck, and scalp massage. Coconut oil will be used on the scalp to help with psosarsis, dry scalp, hair loss, and hair growth. Coconut oil has nature elements , contains vitamin, linoleic, linotenic and arachidonic fatty acids. It is light and full of aroma, and wonderful for all seasons. Along with the coconut oil is an essential oil from Young Living that will be mixed. Pepperment, tea tree, or lavender are the choices for the scalp treatment, each with their own benefits. Lavender oil has a lot of nature qualities like nirvana, expectorant, cicatrizant, antiseptic, antidepressant, and vulnerary. This oil removes the itching dandruff and headache from the scalp. Peppermint gives cool effects and clam perplexity. This oil is rudimentary potent and works against parasite repellant, head lice, and nits. Its inflammatory elements make it an applicable remedy. Tea Tree is a very strong purifier for the scalp. Tea tree oil treats the head’s psoriasis and dandruff. It is a natural solution for removing head lice. All three of these oils are magnificent for the health of the scalp. The preference is up to the client to decide. Health advantages to a scalp massage:

  1. Enhancing energy levels
  2. Help to growth of hair
  3. Reduce pain of head , neck , and shoulder
  4. Activates the hair follicles
  5. Clean the head’s toxins
  6. Increase the blood circulation to all the vital parts of the body.
  7. Boosting the immune system.
  8. Moisturizes the scalp skin and hair
  9. Eliminating aches and pain
It is suggested to let the coconut oil mix to soak into the skin for a couple hours after the treatment. It is best not to wash the hair right away so the skin and scalp may reap its benefits. Please make sure that you are aware of this before coming in for the treatment. Thank you.

Try this very relaxing treatment and notice the difference in the way your hair feels as well as your body as a whole.